Fact Sheets

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Interested in sharing information about Green Light NY and the movement for equitable license access? Check out the following materials we’ve created to better understand how licenses work in New York in English and Spanish.

Green Light NY Factsheet (PDF In English)

En Español: Luz Verde NY Hoja de Datos

“New York State should restore equal access to driver’s licenses by passing legislation S1747 to ensure that New York’s “Standard Licenses” be accessible to all state residents, regardless of immigration status.”

Green Light NY Know the Facts (PDF In English)

En Español: Luz Verde NY Conozca los hechos

Learn more about these important facts: Expanding licenses would be an economic boom to the State; Expanding licenses would make New Yorkers safer; The Standard License would be clearly marked “NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES”; Expanding Licenses would further integrate immigrant New Yorkers; New York can be REAL ID compliant and provide licenses to all New Yorkers; Expanding Licenses allows New York to address the needs of New Yorkers; Expanding drivers licenses would not put immigrant New Yorkers at risk.

Green Light Real ID (PDF In English)

En Español: LUZ VERDE NY El Acto de Identificación Real

“The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 and is scheduled to be fully implemented by October 2020. The Act establishes minimum security standards for state-issued driver licenses, permits and ID cards in order for the cards to be used for any federal purposes. However, nothing in the Act prevents states from creating a multi-tiered system, which can include offering cards to be used for both federal and state purposes and cards that can only be used for state purposes if they do not meet the Act’s stringent requirements.”about-2-e1523635961159.png

Overview of Green Light Privacy Protections (PDF In English)

En Español: Resumen de las Protecciones de Privacidad en la Ley Luz Verde

“ICE will need an individual judicial warrant to access information held by the DMV; The law would expressly prohibit discrimination against a holder; Possession of a standard driver’s license may not be used as evidence of citizenship or immigration status; The legislation incorporates privacy protections to limit unfettered data searches by federal government; A standard driver’s license can prevent a simple traffic infraction from resulting in arrest and deportation.”